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It’s only $7.95 / month.
    I understand. You're not sure my 53 years of developing a different way to learn and play Bluegrass stye banjo will help you.
    When you sign up, hit the “Course List” link, find the “Fancy Hammer / Push-off Licks” box, and learn these 11 really neat “fancy licks.” Then ask yourself, was it worth the $7.95 to learn those 11 licks?
    You want more!
    Are you new to the banjo, and trying to learn “The Foggy Mountain Breakdown”? If those double-hammer licks in the first verse are not working for you, find the “Slides, Push-offs, and Hammers” lessons in that same row on the Course List.
    In that course, select #4, “Double Hammers.”
    In the list of Double Hammers, learn #1, #2, and #4. Those are the correct double-hammer licks in that famous first verse you’re struggling to learn.
    That $7.95 investment you have made should look pretty good right now.
    Look over the other categories, and begin seeing licks you have never seen before. Use my videos to enhance your other learning experiences.
    It is only $7.95/month. This is a great place to hang out, and just enjoy your banjo.

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